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We deliver the soundtrack for your film or look in our music library and search music for your projects. In search system can you search after more as 100 tags to find the best track for your projekt. For music enthusiasts gives all songs for 0,99 € as a download.

Music Library


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Musik library in all styles of music. In our library can you search the songs for your projects and lizensing. Partitioned in 3 maincategories.

Music Production

We produce in all styles of music

Music Library/Mp-3 Shop

Select from 3 maincategories and 31 undercategories the songs for your film or project. For music enthusiasts are the songs as a download for 0,99 €. Through the search system can you search up to 100 tags and so find exactly the best song for your project.

Soundtrack composing

Wir composing the complete soundtack in all styles of music what you wishes! Classical soundtrack or modern with synthesizer und sampler. Also recordings with a big orchesta in a big studio are possible.

Music Videos

Music Videos in pop and rock and for each budget are possible. For bands and musicans. Depending on your financing possibilities low budget or with all features what are giving today.


We can do recordings for musicans until to the mastering and the fitting musicvideo producing also with a composing when you wishing. Of couse orchestra recordings, too.


We produce for your game or app the fitting soundtrack or search the best songs for your project from our library. Also with sounddesign und current effect sounds.

Advertising music

In our library you will find in every style of music the fitting song for your advertise, but we can also produce a exclusive song for your advertise project. Pop, rock, jazz or classical tracks.

What makes us better?

We produce unique tracks and songs.

Music composing since 1985

Professional musicproduction

We produce music since 1985 for film, TV and advertise. Our music runs on the entire world and on all radio and TV stations.

film music

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tv music

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music library

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The humans behind Pop-Audio Productions

The composer Harald Gründig stands for the quality of the composing of Pop-Audio Productions

Music Production and Service

We composing music for your projects do scrvice for

Individual soundtrack

With pleasure we composing for your project a exclusiv soundtrack in highest audio and musical quality. Modern or in classical score on request of couse with a real orchestra. With the best equipement becoming all productions the best sound and mastering.


Music Library/Shop

In our library can you search the songs for your project and lizensing. The library is partitoned in 3 maincategries und 31 undercategorien. In the search system can you select hundreds of tags or own concepts entering and so you will find the fitting song.


DJ Backwater

House, techno und hip hop songs for DJs, radio and music tv. From the album Deep Space. Of couse also in the library.


Best Equipement

All recordings arising with the best equipement for riching the highest possible authencity.


Licensing from the Library

You can licensing for film, tv, radio, advertise, web and live

tv, radio

Please indicate our labelcode lc-52839 by the GVL for using our library. We would be happy when you inform us which songs you for what approached have so that we by the exploitation corporations if nessesary to do making a complaint. Simply a mail with your songlist to

Film and Audio-visual media

For use the library in film or audio-visual media you need a lizense application. Please read our GTC and filling out our lizense application the prices found you here: prices. A report to the GVL with our labelcode lc- 52839 is also required. By publishing on audio-visual media is a lizense charge about 0,10€ per selling piece to pay. By a movie shop or slide deomonstration is per ticket 0,10€ lizensing charge to pay. Respectively adding to the basic price from the pricelist.

Musicproduction/Live performances

For music labels what need compositions for their artists is vaild the basic price plus 0,10€ per sell sound carriers. For live performances also the basic price plus 0,10€ per ticket! Please read our GTC and the newest pricelist. When we have the lizense application we will send you the song in the format what you want (wav, mp3, etc). A report to the GVL with the labelcode LC-52839 is also needing..


By advertise and fair is vaild the basic price plus the area. Under considering of the GTC and the newest priselist please send us the filled out lizense application than we send you the songs in the format what you want.

Pop-Audio Productions/Shop

The prices for lizensing and download from mp-3 und albums
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New songs, new recording, other news

June 5, 2017

Here I present arms my new web page

With new design and more funktions for more overview and more information over Pop-Audio Productions.

June 5, 2017


June 5, 2017


June 6, 2017


June 6, 2017

Always new songs on our library page from Pop-Audio Productions

Please viste our Shop/Library Seite, here are always the newest songs and links to the videos.

June 6, 2017

Please report us when you have questions arount Pop-Audio Productions

You can reach us per email or telefon or write a letter when you like lizensing please fill out our license application and send us per mail.

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Please contact us for all questions around Pop-Audio Productions

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